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Generative AI For Business

We build Generative AI and AI products for businesses and companies in various industries

Let Gen AI Products Attract Customers, Boost Revenue or Bring Operational Efficiency

Our team brings the latest Gen AI and AI/ML expertise to build custom-made AI-powered B2B and B2C products for companies and businesses.

Our founder instructs Generative AI at the University of Southern California (USC) and has been a global leader in building machine learning products, platforms, and AI/ML infrastructure for a global technology firm and their billions of users, as well as mid-size firms and startups.

With a wide range of industry experience deploying Gen AI, AI/ML, and BI products, we are here to revolutionize your operations.


Hospitality & e-commerce

Human Resources

Software Services




Consumer Electronics


Chatbots and Web Apps for:

Sales and User Acquisition

Operational Enhancements

Sales Prediction & Optimization

Recommendation Systems

Marketing and Forecasting

Sales & Inventory Management

Adaptability and Robustness

Our Gen AI and AI/ML solutions are crafted by a lean team of experts with both business and technical expertise. This ensures a short lead time for changes and business adaptability in new market environments, all while leveraging the latest technology.

Exploratory Data Analysis

We help businesses with insights into their data too for data driven decision making by developing new customized applications or utilizing existing budget friendly AI tools.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Years of AI Experience


Businesses Data


Users Targeted by AI

(prior experience)


Active since

Proud of Our  AI/ML Research Experience and Education
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