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Allen Bolourchi, PhD, MBA

CEO and Founder

Allen Bolourchi is the CEO and founder of He was the Global AI/ML technical product and program manager of Apple's App Store leading the Artificial Intelligence initiatives of Apple Marketing worldwide. With strong business acumen, Allen has led organizational-wide teams to strategize, develop, deploy and monitor omnichannel Machine Learning models on App, email, push notification and other channels for privacy friendly on-device models and server-side. Allen was also the legal lead and legal counsel advisor for App Store ML and Data usage for marketing purposes to be privacy friendly and in accordance with for competition, compliance and product legal guidelines as well as GDPR and PIPL.

Allen brings 15 years of experience building enterprise-wide platforms and frameworks, defining, strategizing and managing the delivery of AI/ML and digital products, data, engineering and business solutions for firms ranging from trillion-dollar enterprises to startups. He has a PhD in engineering focused on AI/ML and MS in electrical engineering from USC and MBA in Tech/AI and Finance from UCLA. He was also a research machine learning scientist at Caltech conducting research on Bayesian theorem and AIC/BIC.

Machine Learning Experiences

Industries: Software Services, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Hospitality, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Manufacturing

  • Hospitality and E-Commerce: Sales, Inventory Management and Operations Models

  • User Subscription Life Cycle: Omnichannel Recommendation Systems for Engagement and Acquisition, Offer and Acquisition Models, Retention and Winback models, Upsell Models

  • Financial: Credit Card Models, Spend Category Models, New to Pay Models, Offers Models

  • Healthcare: Medical Diagnosis Models, Risk Models​

  • On-Device and Server Models with Batch and Streaming Architecture

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